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Nobody wants to hear this, but it’s true.

January 5, 2017

Americans, Europeans as well, are going to have to start facing certain realities about out middle eastern and african mulsim buddies, that being, we don’t have any. Yes,  know we have the few and far between moderate muslims that call for reformation and want the murderous genocidal behavior to stop, but really, these are just words. These so called ‘moderates’ do nothing, they’re as pussified as American and European liberals.

The islamic extremists, the jihadiholes, aren’t looking to populate the world in brown and black people only, they are not looking to convert believers of other religions to islam. If you are not ‘their kind’ of muslim, you’re as good as dead as the white guy on the corner selling hot dogs while wearing a Christian cross.

The muslims want everyone dead. Everyone. Yes, that even means themselves if that’s what it takes.  I don’t know, and don’t really give a shit if they really believe this 72 virgins waiting in heaven for them, even though we all know that’s a pretty ridiculous idea, How long would a virgin stay a virgin there? Well, if you needed viagra and had none, I suppose a pretty long time, otherwise, 2 nights maybe if you aren’t into little boy’s butts like the most of them seem to be.

Back to my point. These muslims do not want integration, they don’t want equal rights, they want to take your shit then kill you. It’s not hard to understand, yet millions upon millions refuse to acknowledge this. This SAME thing happened back right as islam was spreading around the Mediterranean using trade as a guise, until our Nordic friends woke us up and pushed their flea bitten asses back to their perennial sand bar. It didn’t go far enough back then, and the islam reflux disease hasn’t even started yet, Why? Well, have a look around. There are liberals everywhere trying desperately to destroy the western philosophies and cultures so they can usher whatever garbage they are peddling at the moment, which is never anything but equivalent of fresh shit on a sunny sidewalk.

Liberals are a lot like muslims, they want to destroy and have no better ideas (other than just running things into the ground). They are stupid, slow, irresponsible, and destructive. We have only one answer to this problem, the same answer from back in the 1200’s. Destroy them, but completely this time, not just knock them back on their asses for a while.

There’s been a lot of talk over the years about where humanity is heading, at least the instabilities are becoming more clear even if nobody wants to hear or admit the truth of them. Humans need to purge themselves of the stuff that keeps getting their feet stuck in the ground, the sloppy, garbage of islam and liberalism – progressivism too, same shit.

We’re going to have to have a war. A big one, and a long lasting one. So called ‘normal’ people are going to have to dispatch the liberal progressives and the muslims. That’s all their is to it. It’s either that or if we win this round again we will fight it all over again in decades or centuries without having advanced one foot in societal evolution and discovery of new places in the galaxy to colonize.

We have to start taking this seriously, and now. We can’t depend on evolution to snuff out the weak minded any longer, world travel screwed that all up. We need to get our hands dirty eliminating the garbage, and the sooner the better.

No, words will not do it. Laws will not accomplish this. You don’t even need a gun, just an opportunity. Get rid of them and let the bodies rot where they drop. They aren’t even worth a call for a clean up isle 6 in halal foods.

Wake up and get it done people, they’ve already got a good head start and nothing, I mean nothing at all has been done to counter one bit of it. Need proof? Spend a day reading European news, then go buy a shovel and some ammo. It’s coming, whether you’re ready of not.


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