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2016 Presidential Election Results

November 15, 2016

UPDATED 11-24-2016

I got tired of the media each reporting differing numbers for the popular vote, so I decided to take a few hours and do what the journalists refuse to do; put together an ACCURATE comprehensive list of popular votes by state along with links to the data sources. The sources are usually found somewhere on the state’s secretary of state web page, but hunting through all the idiotic formats is a nightmare. I got through it, mostly.

Where data was lacking on the SOS sites I used the largest counts I could find in the media. NYT, CNN most often, but that only had to happen for 7 states.

HRC at the moment is still leading the popular vote count, but it really doesn’t matter because the election is decided by electoral college, which is based on congressional districts and the popular vote decides which candidate takes the EC votes for that district. There is only one state, Maine, that splits their EC votes, the rest are basically winner take all.

I only included Trump and Clinton in this sheet. I didn’t feel the other candidates running were worth my time, as none of them got anywhere anyway. Feel about that as you may, it doesn’t matter one way or another ultimately. Only two candidates got any EC votes, not that anyone other than the dem or repub candidate had any REAL chance anyway. We’re basically a two party system, and we will be until…well, when we decide not to be by putting up an actual candidate with broad support into a 3rd party candidacy.


Edit: I keep seeing numbers change, both up and down, so until 12/5 I’ll continue to update every couple days or so. I’d like to see the final numbers, for better or worse.

Notes about this process:

  • State SOS sites vary widely in format and information presented. I did notice, most humorously, that the absolute worst run and formatted sites are in democrat run states. I had to laugh at that, but it’s pathetic. Is logical formatting against some liberal progressive law somewhere? Heh. New York is the worst, without any numbers published anywhere. I wonder where the media got their numbers, hm?
  • The vote counts are as reported. I can’t guess at what votes are fraudulent and remove them, I can only put in what I find. I wish the states would verify every single vote, but that’s probably a pipe dream. I see stories that perhaps 3 million or more of Hillary’s votes are illegitimate. I hope we get proof of that and put those responsible in a dark, damp cell for at least 10 years. If we do, I’ll update accordingly of course.
  • Wisconsin reports by county, those counties are in a separate tab.
  • Illinois also did the county by county thing, and it failed miserably, at least with unofficial numbers. Their “official” numbers are due 12/5 according to their SOC website. I expect Illinois to report 1,552,723,744 votes Hillary, 1 for Trump.

If you’re a data nerd feel free to change the sheet however you like, just change the name if you do so it isn’t confused with my sheet. I’ll always have my copy, so the leftists can’t say I wrote this and that in there when I didn’t. I just wanted to show the data, that’s all, regardless of winner or loser, data is data, and I’m a data junkie sometimes 😉


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